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WFS05 Ring Strobe

The Weefine WFS05 ring strobes are specifically designed for underwater use to provide the most colorful and natural wide-angle lighting on the market. A professional grade round flash tube and powder coated reflector produce perfectly a soft, stunningly warm 5500K light.

An underwater flash that leaves nothing to be desired. Fast, strong, perfect light. Automatic correct exposure. Simple: an all-round carefree package.

Extra-large flash capacitors and a special rechargeable battery ensure high speed and extremely long battery life. The device runs forever.

Key Features

Full power guide number at 1m/ISO 100: 24

Color temperature: 5500K

Beam ange of coverage underwater: 90 degrees

LED lighting: 1 watt spotlight and 1-watt red light

GN levels: / 1/1.4/2/2.8/4/5.6/8/11/16/22/24

Flashes per full charge : 1200 times at full power flashes

Recycle time: Approx. 1.5 seconds at full flash

Battery: 14.8V 50.32Wh Li-ion batteries pack

Depth rating: 100m

Connection: optical connection (for flash cable as well as remote control)


At the rear of the WFS05 strobe there is a small LCD-screen which permanently displays the number of remaining flashes. You can also see briefly whether you are in manual flash mode or in TTL sync mode.

Long running time

The Weefine WFS05 sets a new standard for underwater strobes, it can trigger over 1000 flashes with GN24 per battery charge.

Remote control

This innovative underwater strobe can be remoted controllable. The strobe unit allows the pilot lights (red/white) to be switched on, off, from red to white and the luminosity to be adjusted.

The strobe intensity can also be adjusted with the optional remote control. The strobe unit can also be switched from manual flash mode to synchronization mode (TTL).

The professional ring flash offers excellent, absolutely even light. With the ring flash typical homogeneous very natural looking light.

Focus lights

The Weefine WFS05 is equipped with two focus lights. The built-in modeling light automatically turns off and back on when taking a still photo to avoid over exposure.Focus light red dimmable in 10 steps (the corresponding power is displayed on the LCD-display)

Focus light white dimmable in 10 levels (the corresponding power is displayed on the LCD-display)

There are two optical sockets at the bottom of the strobe. One is for the main fiber optical cable that comes from the housing, the other is for the optical cable that comes from the optional remote controller

Included in the delivery is a practical tool that can be attached to the control knobs in order to operate the rotating wheels better with thick gloves.

Weefine WFS05 Waterproof Strobe

RM3,163.00 Regular Price
RM2,055.95Sale Price
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