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Convert your 60mm macro lens to wide angle instantly underwater!


The all-new Weefine WFL-09S Wide Angle Conversion Lens is an ultra-wide angle wet lens that has been designed to be used with a 60mm macro lens. It converts a 39° macro field of view to a 154° fisheye, wide angle field of view. The WFL-09S threads directly into your 67mm flat port. This gives you the flexibility to shoot macro and wide angle all during one dive!

The Weefine wide angle conversion lens has a built-in buoyancy collar which makes it very lightweight underwater,with a weight of only 212g. The dome of the lens is made from a high grade and durable polycarbonate material. It is optically very sharp, but durable. If it does get scratched, it can be buffed out.


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RM4,902.95Sale Price
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