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High-spec underwater strobe with large light output

The YS-D3 DUO is a high-specification underwater strobe with three shooting modes: DS-TTL, RC mode, and manual.

The YS-D3 DUO delivers even and uniform light distribution with a large light output of GN33.

Custom settings allow the strobe to be used with high precision with a variety of cameras and shooting styles.

Olympus/ OM SYSTEM RC flash system compliant. Further evolution with RC mode.

Compatible with "Wireless RC Flash System"

The YS-D3 DUO is an underwater strobe that is compatible with the "Wireless RC Flash System" of OM SYSTEM digital cameras.

The "RC System" is a light control mode where the camera automatically controls the flash output based on the brightness through the lens. Since the camera can control the flash output based on a digital optical signal, it can control the light more precisely than the TTL mode of a typical underwater strobe. Of course, it is also possible to control the amount of light by selecting flash/non-flash or by manual operation.

In addition to TTL auto shooting in conjunction with the camera, the camera can also adjust the flash output compensation during TTL auto shooting.

Sea & Sea YS-D3 Duo Underwater Strobe

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