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Sea & Sea YS-01 SOLIS


DS-TTL II Auto Control

10-Level Manual Control Dial

Beam Angle of 100 x 100°

Guide Number 20 (ISO 100/m on Land)

LED Target Light

1.9-Sec Recycle Time with NiMH Batteries

Rated up to 250'


The Sea & Sea YS-01 Solis Underwater Strobe is a compact slave flash that can be used for wide-angle or macro photography. With its circular beam angle of 100 x 100° and a guide number up to 20, it is suited to point-and-shoot, DSLR, and mirrorless cameras. The DS-TTL II technology gives you automatic exposure control when shooting in slave mode, along with a manual control with 10 stops. The strobe connects with your camera via fiber optic cable.

The YS-01 Solis is powered by four AA batteries which will deliver up to 300 flashes at full power with NiMH batteries and 250 with alkaline cells. With NiMH batteries, recycle time is a fast 1.9 seconds (2.5 seconds with alkaline batteries), so you can capture all the action on the reef. The LED target light is 40% brighter than the previous YS-01 model.

Connects with a fiber optic cable and gives you DS-TTL II automatic exposure control

Manual control is easy with the 10-level power dial

Circular beam for a broad 100 x 100° angle of coverage

Included diffuser softens the light and increases beam angle to 110 x 110°

Bright LED target light emits 40% more light than previous YS-01 models

Guide number 20 (ISO 100/m) for high-power performance

Recycle time of approximately 1.9 seconds with NiMH batteries at full power; Alkaline cells may also be used

Auto shutoff conserves battery power


RM1,650.00 Regular Price
RM1,485.00Sale Price
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