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Product description Sea frogs Seafrogs Housing For Sony RX100 I-V

The Sea Frogs SF-RX100V housing was specially created for the all RX100-Series Digital Cameras.

The SF-RX100V housing is manufactured to the highest professional standards of function, style and durability.

It is depth rated to 60m/195 feet and is fully functional with ergonomically designed and labeled controls.

With this special design case, every key (except rear control wheel) of the Sony RX100 can be pressed to control freely as you want.

The Sea Frogs SF-RX100V housing is ideal for outdoor and underwater photography.

Underwater photographers can dive or snorkel and capture all the excitement of this fascinating world, while outdoor photographers also have the option of capturing the action of activities such as white water paddle sports, sailing, boating, surfing, fishing, hunting, backpacking and camping.

The Sea Frogs SF-RX100V housing is shock resistant and protects the camera from water, sand, dust, frost and other damaging elements.

The SF-RX100V housing was designed to be compatible with a complete accessory system, enabling photographers to enhance the quality of their images.

Product Highlights.

Fits All RX100-Series Digital Cameras.

Depth Rating:


Dual O-rings.

Lever-Type Shutter Release.

The dedicated design maintains access to all camera controls, including a rotary lens-ring dial, zoom lever, push buttons for menu access, and a large lever-type shutter button.

The housing also permits the use of the cameras´ built-in flash, and an included detachable diffuser can be used to lessen vignetting and provide a more even wash of lighting.

Additionally, the front of the housing has 67mm filter threads to permit the attachment of color-correction filters or other threaded lens accessories.

A top accessory shoe is available for working with an optional external flash, and the bottom of the housing also incorporates three 1/4´´-20 mounts for mounting an accessory grip or handle.

Main features.

Housing molded of corrosion free clear polycarbonate, durable and resistance to corrosion.

The housing is rated to 60m/195ft depth, and is rugged and ready for use!

Ergonomic design.

The scratch-resistant glass lens port provides full use of the camera´s zoom range without vignetting.

The front of the port accepts press-on color correcting filters and is 67mm threaded for the attachment of optional accessories.

Clear view the camera information and control function.

Ensures that camera stays clean and dry.

Perfect in humid and wet conditions, salt spray, dust or snow, ideal for diving, surfing, snorkeling, skiing, yacht or other activities.

Provides mechanical controls for all camera functions except the rear control dial.

Each control on the housing is clearly labeled, making it easy to learn the system.

Dedicated video control button for easy video filming in any shooting mode.

Large, easy to see buttons allow camera operation underwater, even with diving gloves.

Four Fiber optical direct plug-in.

Special mount for lighting accessories.

Easy and secure installation of camera.

O-ring sealed with spring-loaded.

Easy open latch and drop in camera loading make set-up a breeze.

A central three 1/4-20 tripod mount on the bottom of the housing is the perfect attachment point for stabilizing trays and constant-on lighting.

Compatible with a wide range of underwater photo accessories.

The SF-RX100V is offered as standard equipment with a leak detector that will immediately activate a loud buzzer and a LED located at the rear of the housing in the event water should find its way past the o-ring seals, the water detector is located next to O-ring sealing and at the lowest point (in usual operating position) of the case.

Wide angle, macro + filters.

The port features a 67mm thread on the front for the easy attachment of external wide angle and macro wet lenses.

Wide angle lenses make objects appear smaller, so that you can fit more into your frame underwater.

Macro close-up lenses make small objects appear larger, so that tiny creatures will fill your frame.

What´s included.

Housing SF-RX100V.

Rear attachement A (for RX100).

Rear attachement B (for RX100M2/M3/M4/M5).

Removable Flash Diffuser (with Secure Line attached).

Removable 4x Fiber-Optic Cable Connector (with Secure Line attached).

Gear zoom ring A (for RX100).

Gear zoom ring B (for RX100M2/M3/M4/M5).

Removable Anti-Glare Hood for LCD.

Spare Back Door O-Ring Seal.

Nylon landyard.

Front lens cap.

User´s Manual.


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