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Kraken TG- Pro Housing

Aluminum housing waterproof to 100 meters, compatible with Olympus TG6 and OM System TG-7 cameras.

With this case you can use all the functions of your camera.

Now with the new built-in automatic vacuum system, 18650 battery, M16 connector for external monitor and top ball connection.

The 18650 battery can charge the vacuum system and also the TG6 chamber.

With just the push of a button you can activate the new emptying system capable of visually informing you when the watertightness is suitable for diving and at the same time will inform you if the housing does not have this watertightness, thus eliminating the risk of flooding.

Kraken TG-Pro Housing for OM System TG-7

RM4,224.00 Regular Price
RM3,886.08Sale Price
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