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Kraken LTD 7000 Video Light


The LTD 7000 Video Light is one of the lastest addition to the LTD series from Kraken Sports. The powerful video light which provides 7,000 lumens output and it utilizes a custom built COB LED for a smaller and lighter footprint. The light also features a high CRI rating of 90 which results to a very natural and high quality light. Operation is also very easy with its 3 button design. A simple button press would allow you to switch between modes and adjust brightness. In addition, the video light comes with a burst mode, allows you to use the video light as a strobe! The video light is also remote control ready, no need to reach over the outstreched arms of your rig to adjust the power.

Key Features:

7000 Lumens Flood, Spot, Burst Mode

CRI 90

Beam Angle of 100°, 15° Spot

3 Button Switch with Battery Indicator

45min Burn Time @ 7000 Lumens

Remote Control Capability

USB C PD charging

Water Resistant Light Head

Depth Rating of 100m/330ft

Kraken LTD 7000 Underwater Video Light

RM2,587.00 Regular Price
RM2,380.04Sale Price
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