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Have you always gazed fondly at the Garmin Descent MK2 dive computer, maybe even tried one on but thought it was just a bit big to use as an everyday watch despite the huge list of surface / fitness functions that Garmin also pack into the smartwatch? Well, fret no more. Garmin have now released a smaller version, the Garmin Descent MK2S, that is lighter, slimmer and has a smaller diameter. It was developed mostly for women that don't want such a chunky watch but also for anyone that just wanted a smaller model.

From a function point of view, the Descent MK2S is exactly the same as the standard MK2. On the outside the titanium bezel and back have been replaced with high strength composite components that all colour match to the straps and also make the watch lighter.

The MK2S is still a full on dive computer that supports air, nitrox, trimix and CCR diving but, just like the standard MK2, the MK2S isn't air integrated so if that is an issue the MK2i is the model for you.

The Descent MK2S really does work seamlessly with your everyday life. For most, diving takes up a small percentage of your time, so having a dive computer that also connects to your smartphone, tracks your fitness efforts, sleep and so much more just makes complete sense.

Garmin Descent MK2S Light Gold

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