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CREST 2021 newest regulator CREST JUPITER is a piston balanced 1st stage regulator with adjustable balanced 2nd regulators AC-20 series, pursuing more ultimate natural and stable breathing feeling.

The convenient multi-port and universal swivel connector design is suitable for training and travel, and can also meet various types of diving such as double tanks and side-mount.

The JUPITER is the king of the ancient Roman gods and the god of lightning. The diamond cut of the exterior leads to the sleek and streamlined appearance of the regulator, which mirrors the ultimate speed brought by the JUPITER’s medium-pressure balanced construction.

The 2nd regulator AC-20 series continues the CREST regulator’s unique modern aesthetics and lightweight structure design, and the primary 2nd stage is equipped with a universal swivel connector, so that you can feel the natural breath of unrestrained underwater.

Crest Jupiter Scuba Regulator Set

RM3,099.00 Regular Price
RM2,599.00Sale Price
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