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Weefine WF089 Smart Focus 3500 is new design concept, which has the appearance of fashionable and tendency with utilizing black aluminum alloy housing with hard oxidation treatment.

The highest brightness of the underwater flashlight is up to 3500 luminous. The dive torch takes advantage of double stainless steel press button control method , it is easy for user to operate.

Underwater photographing mode, Smart Focus 3500 can be used as strobe light that is instant high intensity triggered with specialized optical fiber cable to transmit strobe signal of camera.

It supports the continuous shootings, and the responding time is up to 1/10,000 sec.

It adapts to a variety of shooting needs. saving energy, and more convenient.

Meanwhile, diving light has Auto shut off technology function and strobe function with WEEFINE brand new patent, which could satisfy different needs for user. There is a remote port that make the user control the dive torch with professional remote device by remote control.

Weefine Smart Focus 3500 Built-in automatically protection function against overheating, which is a professional diving flashlight designed for underwater photography.

When the dive torch is used areas in which the ambient temperature is higher than 50℃, the underwater flashlight will automatically deduce the brightness to 20%. This will reduce heat and protect the diving supplies components from damage.

Weefine Smart Focus 3500

RM2,640.00 Regular Price
RM1,980.00Sale Price
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